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Saving Country Music: Izzy Cox Remembered

Saving Country Music: Izzy Cox, the Steampunk Crooner


Izzy was a warrior a fighter  a lover and a muse .

She was a messenger . Of the reality and the struggles and the gift of life


When the chips where down Izzy’s response was clear . She doubled down . She leaned in . She fought harder . And spun magic in the face of her own adversity. She in herself decided she was her own adventure.

And then said . Join me . And those of us that heard her , did .


When izzy came to teach me she was living in her car . She was seemingly alone and afraid . But now we know from her proof of life that she and we are quite actually the contrary.


One of her greatest lessons was and is about sheer tenacity and unapologizing love and forgiveness . Of our frailty of our human forms and the power and audacity of life and the art form of living .


Izzy lived and died wide open to her own, and your light . She was a teacher a defender a friend a child and an example to us all of the power love holds . She quite simply challenged us all , consistently to look at her as a mirror . A reminder . Of the truth .


On the last phase of her journey and her final days with any of us , Izzy got to work . In a firefight of a last pass she created like a girl on fire . more art more music more love. her light burned brighter and her love grew wider and wider and wider . If you were paying attention you felt as tho you were seeing the face of god . as if in a sparkling crescendo, and as the final note came she just released and flew to her next destination with ease and knowing and job well done .


We should be so lucky . To have known her , to have loved her , to have been humbled by her warrior ways .


She would want us to dance and sing loud right now . To stomp on fear and play and create freely . Like she did . We are truly blessed to have walked her path with her .


Sincerely .


Polly Parsons