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Miss Izzy Cox dedicated her life to touring, playing music, and writing songs about her experiences. The only thing greater than her passion and commitment to her career as an independent musician was her talent. Her songwriting, Her beautiful singing voice, and her skill as a player made her a true legend. if you got to see her play live, you were lucky. If you got to play music with her, even luckier.


She described her music as “Influenced by old movie soundtracks, Old time bar room blues and country singers.Her lyrics feel like diary entries. Stories of serial killers, buckaroo cowboys, snake handlers and sports of nature. “


Calling herself herself the “anarchist crooner” Izzy coined the style Voodoobilly Jazz as her own. Outlaw Country, mixed with a healthy dose of rockabilly, topped with with a southern gothic punk feel. Western swing meets Psychobilly, keeping in the tradition of murder ballad styles.Her music has as many stories as her incredible life, and as many descriptions!


Izzy released her first two-track analog recordings at 16 years of age while she was locked up in juvenile delinquent reformatories.After a childhood in West Texas and She spent many years in Monteral in the progressive musical scene. From there she went to LA. She ended up in TX where she became a beloved staple of the live music community. When she wasn’t on tour you could find her playing shows as well as booking and supporting the shows of other musicians and bands. 


Throughout her career she released over 20 album and CDs of her songs. She toured U.S.A , Canada, England and Australia. Her music was played on Sirius Radio's Outlaw country, as well as many college radio stations.


“Izzy Cox. Songs of Life and Death. A Tribute” is a compilation of cover versions of her songs by the friends fans and peers who admired her.She was a beloved inspiration to many.

She was stolen from us by Pancreatic Cancer far too soon, but her songs will live on.


This compilation was originally meant to be a benefit for her medical expenses. She passed before the projects completion. It was her wish that any proceeds from the compilation would be donated to the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians in gratitude for the access to affordable heath to musicians they provide.


So here it is.


24 songs. 24 artists. She said she wasn’t dying, that she was going Mars. We hope she can hear it there.


Rest in Power Isabelle-Lilliane Cox.

8/23/19?? -3/24/2017